Is Coffee the Secret to Online Gaming Success?

The benefits of coffee are well-known to anyone who has ever partaken in a cup.

From staying awake on a camping trip to getting a pick-me-up at work, coffee is good
for giving you a little lift through the day. That’s why articles such as  ‘Everyday Coffee: Creative Ways to Make Coffee for Work’  are popular – because it really does help you
get through the day. The fact it tastes great is a bonus, of course!

There is currently a debate around the benefits of coffee for those who play online video
games, which is what we want to explore. Online gaming has experienced a surge in
popularity in the last 18 months or so, mainly because many couldn’t leave the house to
do anything else. In fact,  calls video gaming the fastest growing
entertainment industry in the United States, and online gaming is a significant part of

Another thing people could do to their heart’s content in lockdown was making coffee,
but were they aiding performance when brewing up or hindering their efforts? There are
arguments for both, as we explore below.

Coffee Hinders

Another key area of online gaming is the iGaming industry, which  reports is
like the wider online gaming industry – set to soar over the coming months. The iGaming industry incorporates poker, as well as casino games such as slots and roulette.

When we specifically look at online poker, there is a big question mark over
whether coffee is good or not.  reports that poker sites, like the other
industries, boomed significantly, which means more players on their mobile devices,
trying to win big and maybe even qualify for the World Series of Poker. It can be a
stressful environment, one in which anxiety levels are raised significantly, and that is
why coffee might not be such a good thing.

Consider some of the effects of caffeine: raised blood pressure, anxiety, rapid heart rate, and a feeling of being jittery. They are not conducive to keeping your nerve and remaining calm, especially not whilst playing poker for money or such.

Coffee Helps

There are plenty of people who do not share this notion and who feel coffee is an
essential part of an online gamer’s toolkit. Not all online games have money at stake;
some are huge multiplayer battle arenas, like those seen in Call of Duty or Star Wars

In those instances, you need to be sharp, alert, and aware of everything
going on around you, and caffeine is a stimulant that provides that kick. That isn’t the
only benefit; as we know, caffeine stimulates the nervous system, increasing the

chemical reaction of cortisol responsible for exciting the brain and improving your mood.
Have you just been eliminated one shot away from a kill-streak record? Nothing will
make you feel on top of the world in that instance, but a cup of coffee will go some way
to easing that pain.

Also, to avoid those moments, coffee might be your secret weapon.
It is proven to aid decision-making, reaction time, and movement speed, all of which
might be the difference between a record score or striking out.


The key here is balance, striking the right balance between enough coffee to be a
positive influence, but not so much you are left a nervous wreck. It does seem that a
cup before a gaming session can be of benefit, but only if you consider the type of game
you are going to play and brew up accordingly.

Coffee marks an excellent start of the day, enjoy it!

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