BlogHow To Make Coffee When Camping? (8 Smart Hacks)

How To Make Coffee When Camping? (8 Smart Hacks)

One of the things that people most look forward to when it comes to camping is making that first coffee cup in the morning. If you’re not a fan of instant coffee, you’ll want to check out our post to learn more about some smart yet simple tricks to drink amazing-tasting coffee while camping. 

There are some portable coffee machines for camping, as well as ones that provide you with a manual process.

8 Amazing Coffee Machines For Camping

Single Cup Filter 

A single cup filter is excellent for camping due to how they’re easy to use and lightweight to carry around. One cup of drip filters preserves plenty of flavors while keeping things nice and simple. 

Furthermore, many of these coffee makers come with durable plastic materials that keep it sturdy while you’re out and about. However, glass and stainless steel options are also available.

To brew a single cup coffee filter, you’ll need a minimum of 12 ounces of water. Put the filters into the dripper and put the dripper on the upperside of your mug. Make the paper filter wet and get rid of the excess water. 

Pour around ¼ of the water over your coffee grounds to start blooming them. Make sure to pour the water slowly over the grounds until your mug is filled to the desired level. 

Coffee Bags

Coffee bags work similarly to tea bags, and they’re one of the quickest ways to drink coffee while camping. They take up a very small amount of space, and all you need to do is put the coffee bag into a mug with boiling water to steep and brew. 

One of the downsides to using coffee bags is that you miss out on some of the richer flavors that come with freshly ground coffee beans. 


tips for brewing coffee while camping

Aeropress is a popular option among campers due to how they’re super easy to use. However, you should also be aware that these coffee makers are generally bulkier. A significant upside to this is that the clean-up process is hassle-free. 

To use an Aeropress while camping, you’ll want to have medium or fine ground coffee, a mug that’s large enough for the Aeropress, and filters (either paper or reusable metal ones). 

Start by boiling water and put a filter into the designated filter cap and lock it. You can then set the Aeropress on side of your mug while ensuring that the secured cap is facing downward. 

Next up, make the filter moist by pouring water into the chamber. Put your coffee grounds into the chamber and pour the hot water over the coffee grounds until you’ve filled it to a width of a couple of fingers. This helps the coffee grounds to bloom before you can stir the grounds and fill it up with more water. 

Use the plunger on the chamber so that a vacuum seal is created. You can take the plunger out after around 30 seconds and pour more water in. Finally, press the plunger down with even pressure for another 20 seconds before enjoying your cup of coffee. 

Stovetop Coffee Maker

Stovetop coffee makers originated in Europe and are great for achieving coffee with rich flavors. 

Start by pouring water into the bottom chamber by removing the upper part and coffee filter. Get a scoop of your favorite finely ground coffee and put it into the filter until it reaches the halfway point. 

Place the coffee filter back onto the chamber and screw it together securely. You can put the coffee maker on the upperside of a campfire burner with heat or a medium-high. When the water has boiled, you’ll hear popping sounds.

Once these sounds stop, it means that water has reached the serving chamber. This means it’s ready for you to take it off the heat and pour it into a mug. 


If you have a larger camping group, percolators are a great choice. They can fill up to 12 cups, depending on the percolator model that you choose. Percolators aren’t so great for long hikes. They’re suited for setting up stationary camps. 

Pour cold water into the percolator pot to the halfway point before filling the coffee filter with grounds to the halfway mark. Use the lid to cover the filter and put the filter on a stand before putting the stand and percolator into a pot of water. 

Make sure the lid is on the highrise of the kettle and boil the water in the kettle. A popping sound will become audible, which means the coffee grounds are brewing. Leave it to boil for a few minutes before serving. 

Hand-Pressed Coffee Makers 

Hand-pressed coffee makers are another simple method of making coffee that involves putting the coffee maker down with the pod for espressos facing upwards. Remove the pod filter and fill it with finely ground coffee or coffee pods. 

Fill up the water chamber with boiling water and put the espresso pod back on the crest before locking them securely in place. You can then use the function that releases the coffee extraction, which is usually in the form of a button. 

Hold the coffee maker firmly and pump it until it reaches around 16psi. You can then press the button for extraction until your coffee has brewed. 

French Press 

French press coffee makers are excellent for being able to travel easily. However, some models are more fragile than others, so you’ll want to find more rugged options. 

Put your French press carafe on a burner or open flame until the water boils. Put a scoop of coarse ground coffee into the boiling water and remove the unit from the heat. Put the plunger and put it on the crest of the carafe, and leave it for 30 seconds. 

Take the lid off and stir the coffee grounds gently before putting the lid back on, waiting for a few minutes, and pressing the plunger down. Press the plunger all the way to the bottom to brew your coffee before it’s ready to serve. 

In need of a good grinder for your french press? Check out some of the ones.

GSI Java Drip 

The GSI Java drip is one of the more lightweight options available that make it super easy to carry around while camping. 

Start by boiling up to 16 ounces of water and connecting the Java drip on the crest of your coffee cup. Put one or two filters into the chamber and use the hot water to make the filters moist. Remove the water in the mug and pour your coffee grounds through the filters.

Once the coffee grounds and spread evenly in the mug, pour around ¼ of the water over the grounds for it to start blooming. After letting it bloom for 30 seconds, pour more of the water gradually until your mug is filled to the level that you want.

Closing Thoughts

That wraps up our post on how to go about making coffee while camping. You may need to experiment with some of these methods until you find the one that suits your needs.

If you’ve used any of the above methods or any other coffee-making hacks for camping, feel free to share your thoughts. 

Coffee marks an excellent start of the day, enjoy it!

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