Blog5 Coffee Producing Countries in the World!

5 Coffee Producing Countries in the World!

Before we reveal the 5 coffee producing countries in the world (see the infographic below) I must bring a short introduction of coffee origins around the world. The history books all claim their own representation of the true origin of coffee and how it conquered the world. One thing is clear – coffee has a long-standing history. It has been popular in Africa and Arabic countries long before it came to Europe and then to the United States. But in Europe and The States, it became truly commercialized and widespread.

Coffee is there in the history of ancient times of the history of the world. While coffee is still authentic in Arab and African countries, it is entirely commercialized in American and European countries. We have talked about the 5 countries that produce the most coffee quantity-wise after researching through the internet. Do check them out.

5 Coffee Producing Countries In The World

Coffee origins in Ethiopia

The origins of coffee drinking can be traced back to the ancient coffee forests in Ethiopia. A legend says that a goat herder noticed that his flock became extremely energized and would not sleep through the night. This happened after eating leaves from a certain tree. This tree later will be known as the coffee tree or Cofea. He then told of his discovery to a local monk. This monk then brewed a drink from the berries cultivated from the tree and discovered, that it keeps him alert during late nights. The monk then shared the discovery with other monks, and the spree of coffee began in Ethiopia.

Arabian Peninsula – the first coffee houses

In the Arabian Peninsula, coffee appeared around the 15th century where it was grown in the Yemeni district. It became so popular amongst the people, that first coffee houses called “qahveh khaneh” appeared. These houses served as a meeting point for the men. Here they discussed anything starting from household and down to politics. These coffee houses become the hub for the intellectuals. The pilgrims that traveled to Mecca then brought back word of this drink to their homeland. Which sparked global interest in coffee.

Europe – the vibrant coffee hub

European travelers brought coffee back home with them in the 17th century. There the black, strange java drink quickly spread in both consumption and popularity. Despite some controversial rumors by more suspicious people, who called the coffee brew a drink from Hell, it became popular across Europe. Creating first coffee houses in there, too. It was first seen in Malta. Brewed by the Turkish Muslim slaves, who were imprisoned there and would make their traditional beverage – coffee. As the trade routes and connections grew stronger between the Republic of Venice (now Italy) and the Muslims in North Africa, coffee became a popular product to transport across the lands.

The Americas – the events of Boston party, a.k.a tea is not patriotic no more

Until the 17th-century tea was the popular choice of drink for the people in the New World. Also, know as The United States at the time. Especially in New York, until the then ruling King George III imposed heavy duty taxation on tea. Which then sparked a revolt against the king and led to a widespread belief that tea was no longer patriotic enough. Thus helping coffee to move to the number one choice of warm beverages.

What country produces the most coffee?

Coffee nowadays is one of the soothing beverages. Brewed on almost every corner in our cities. Sold in every shop and consumed in practically any household you can think of. This creates a great demand for coffee for the coffee plantation owners. And a great source of income, providing many the chance to earn their daily bread and butter.
However, some countries specialize in brewing coffee more than others. Those in the 5 coffee producing countries, among all you can see in the infographic below. If you are interested and would like to know – here is an article on which countries consume the most coffee around the world.

Top 5 coffee producing countries in the world


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Coffee marks an excellent start of the day, enjoy it!

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