Is Coffee a Priority To Today’s Students? Answering The Question

Is Coffee a Priority To Today’s Students? Student life has never been easy. Of course, constant parties, new contacts, and knowledge are great, but not every person can handle such a crazy rhythm.

Never has student life been straightforward. Not everyone can handle a fat load of parties, study, sleep, and general life together. It’s reassuring to see the new generation juggle them all perfectly. Let’s delve into how young students balance their lives so well.

Obviously, coffee does form a part of most student’s daily lives, but we do not encourage too much dependence on caffeine. It is better to use this as a beverage that you enjoy once a day. Read on to know more about the relationship between coffee and the student population.

For an additional twist, let us not dive straightaway into the topic of coffee.

Students life and coffee
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How Is Coffee a Priority To Today’s Students?

Online Helping Services

Of course, students don’t always find the time to attend lessons and prepare homework. A job, relationships, and daily errands always take up a lot of energy. 

In such moments, it is very important to find something that will keep you on track or someone who will help you with academic stuff. More and more young people choose the help of special online services that they can rely on.

For example, if the teacher has set an incredibly complex written assignment or a large number of tasks, you can always use the help of Essaypro or similar platforms. 

Professionals on such websites are able to complete assignments very quickly and with high quality.

This way, any student will have the possibility to focus on more important tasks.

Moreover, many different services specialize in narrow topics – physics, chemistry, mathematics, literature, etc. So any student can find an assistant when professional help is needed. 

Such services are incredibly popular nowadays, and there is nothing strange about it. Sometimes any learner may want to make one’s life easier and leave some time for yourself.

Time Management

Many students who are interested in developing their careers start working during their college years. Considering today’s job market and high competition, this may be a smart move.

It is very important to gain professional experience that will come in handy in the future. In order to successfully combine work and study, skills to organize your time will help immensely.

Here are some tips on how to make your time management more efficient:

  • Buy a dedicated notebook or download an app to plan your day. Make to-do lists and follow them. You will be impressed with the amount of time saved once you start keeping track of it;
  • Prioritize your day. Always put effort into the most important and urgent things first;
  • Do not disperse your attention. Do tasks consistently, focusing on each of them;
  • Sleep well. This is a very important point in order to be able to qualitatively perform the three steps above;
  • Rationalize the use of time. For example, instead of just looking in the window of the bus while you are driving to school, you can listen to a useful audiobook, some lecture or a podcast;
  • Set the deadlines. With uncertain timelines, the planned goals have a tendency to drag on for a zillion years and become a real nightmare. To prevent this, it is useful to set a strict deadline and stick to it;
  • Analyze your day. Once you understand what is stealing your time, it will be easier for you to eliminate the distraction.

Coffee and Other Energetics

As you know, coffee has a stimulating and energizing effect due to caffeine inside. This active component increases blood circulation, thereby skyrocketing the activity of individual parts of the brain. 

Moreover, the memory and memorization processes are improved, while concentration levels and visual perception of information are increased.

Energy stimulants and energy drinks have become madly popular among students, especially during examination sessions. Here’s what keeps students up:

  • Caffeine in pills. This is a very strong stimulant, and you shouldn’t take it every day. But if you need to boost your energy instantly, it’s a good thing;
  • Eleutherococcus is a naturally energetic. It’s mainly used to restore strength and increase concentration. However, this one is not suitable at all for pulling an all-nighter. Due to its accumulation effect, an immediate burst of energy is not to be expected;
  • Energy drinks (you name it) are proven to be extremely harmful products. Caffeine, sugar, and taurine levels are too high, which can cause spikes in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and tremors. A maximum for the student is two cans a day; more is a very dangerous amount.


Meditation is a wonderful tool that helps to cope with anxiety and bring your thoughts in order. Whether you want to learn a new language or not to forget the name of your teacher over and over again, meditation can help with both.

Research has shown that it improves one’s ability to memorize, store, and process new information. 

Having daily meditation sessions, it’s not as hard as it might seem at first. Many people think it is difficult to start practising, but you don’t need any special equipment or money. Start doing it right now, right where you are. As is the case with many life aspects, there are many apps that can help with this.

The main thing about choosing the type of meditation is opting for something you feel comfortable with. If you need reminders for regular practice, set a recurring alarm clock, or use the specialized application. 

If you want candles and aromas, do not hesitate and add them to the setting. Would you like some outside guidance? Meditation experts’ pieces of advice can be found in the apps as well.

So meditation is not just a Buddhist or some religious practice. Consider it a quiet working tool to which you should devote a little time every day. 

Here are some simple ways to meditate that will not take much time, but will surely enrich you from the inside:

  • close your eyes and think about something nice;
  • take a deep breath and hold your breath;
  • focus on the air inside your stomach;
  • hold your breath for a few more seconds;
  • exhale;
  • repeat


Last Words

Being a student isn’t easy at all. Daily challenges, a busy schedule, a constant shortage of time – all of this always accompanies every college attendee. 

But the main part is not to give up, even in the most difficult situations. 

Use your daily dose of coffee as something that powers you on, but do not let it become the ruling factor in your life. All we are trying to say is that you need a healthy balance without any extra reliance on anything.

And to do so, you can find a lot of different life hacks which can help you to follow your dreams, keep up with everything, and find some time for really important things.

Gaurav Mongia
Gaurav Mongia
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