TOP 30 coffee consuming countries in the world infographic

top coffee consuming countries in the world infographic

You think your country drinks the most coffee?

We are all wondering which country, which nation drinks the most coffee. Coffee consumption is something that can determine which nation is the greatest coffee geek in the world. Of course, it does not represent the individuals who prefer quality to quantity. You would think that it must be one of the big nations. Like the USA, Canada, Russia perhaps. Surely they come in in TOP5. So should countries like Brazil or Turkey, right? Not really!

According to statistics provided by EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL the Number 1 country that consumes the most coffee is actually Finland. With 9.6 kg per capita (per one inhabitant), followed by Norway with 7.2 kg per capita. And then the Netherlands with 6.7 kg per capita respectively. This is a big surprise, as all three countries are fairly small. At least when you compare to America, Russia, Brazil, and other bigger countries. Finland is home for only around 5 million people. While Norway has 5.2 million. The Netherlands is taking care of over 17.2 million, which is a more significant number and yet it is still only in the third place.

coffee consumption by country top 30


As you can see – big countries like France, USA and Canada are only somewhere in the middle. According to a study commissioned by the National Coffee Association Americans are drinking coffee more than ever. With 64% of Americans having at least one cup per day and spending $21.32 per week only on coffee.

Yet Finlandians love coffee way more, apparently. But no wonder here – 14% of Finnish men and 6% of their women are drinking more than 10 cups a day! That amount of coffee is bound to get you sky high! But the Finnish are strong. And they need lots of warmth during the cold winter I guess!

Well, this is just statistics, I don’t know how they can consume so much coffee and stay sane or sleep at night. Don’t try to break the record tho. But if this post did give you the urge to make a cup take a look at this french press brewing guide we have for you.


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