Everyday Coffee: Creative Ways to Make Coffee for Work

In modern society, coffee holds tremendous power over employees at work. Not only it keeps them awake, but some studies assert that coffee enhances employees’ efficiency and productivity. There are different ways of preparing coffee, where one’s creative skills can be utilized depending on his preference and mood. Listed below are some methods anyone can use, which are fast and easy. These recipes are perfect for an employee striving to arrive at work on time while maintaining a creative taste for his everyday morning coffee.

Add whipped cream to your coffee

Whipped cream is said to be an ideal partner to cappuccino, brewed coffee, cupcakes, and so much more. Adding whipped cream makes your coffee sweeter, creamier, and more enjoyable to drink. To accomplish this, you simply take one spoonful of whipped cream and position it right on the top of your coffee.

Put flavor on your coffee

Irish cream, raspberry, almond liqueurs can be paired well with coffee. Adding cinnamon or nutmeg also provides a flavourful taste while maintaining the original flavor of your coffee. To attain this, you just take a teaspoon of the spice to the coffee grounds before brewing it on your machine or stove. Adding spices not only influences the flavor profit, but it also provides health benefits.

Freeze your coffee

Who needs to drop by Dunkin’ Donuts before heading off to work when you can prepare yourself a cool rush of caffeine? To do this, you add a few cubes of ice to your coffee and leave it there for about two minutes. Freezing your coffee is perfect for the summer season due to its refreshing vibes.

Add butter to your caffeine

Nutritionists claim that adding teaspoons of butter to your coffee produces a good number of health benefits. Adding butter also gives your coffee a velvety and softer taste-something that you can enjoy your breakfast paired with protein-rich foods and fruits.

Turn your coffee into a smoothie

If you’re a coffee-lover, a coffee smoothie is one perfect way to start your day as it’s packed with fruit, whole grains, and caffeine. To accomplish this, mix the sliced banana, rolled oats, and a cup of strong brewed coffee in a blender until smooth, mixing more milk as necessary to attain your preferred taste. You may also add some sprinkles of chocolate to accentuate the sweetness of your smoothie.

To be creative does not equal hard work (at least not all the time)

creative coffee brewing

This simple creativity will surely make you more addicted to coffee and will help your daily cup of coffee to be more interesting. But other than that, there are countless ways to exert your coffee to a whole new level.

Make some iced caramel coffee

If you’re fun of caramel flavors, this is a good pair for some cold brew coffee. The caramel is one of the best spices that complement the coffee. First, make some coffee that suits your taste most; pour some caramel syrup depending on your capacity for sweets. Lastly, put some ice cubes for the cold coffee version.

Prepare some iced salted honey lattes

When you want a little more classy and fancy coffee. I highly recommend making this homemade iced salted honey latte. To achieve this classy but not very expensive and less hassle type of coffee, all we need to prepare is an espresso coffee, steamed milk, salted honey, and iced cubes. Other than obtaining the perfect kind of coffee you want, there is a study in which says honey is better for diabetics compared to refined sugar.

Mixed coffee with soda

Now, if you wanted to try a new perfect taste for your coffee, you must try mixing your coffee with soda. Imagine the taste of both coffee and soda; it is really strong and will lift your mood and spirits.

How to Achieve Perfect Taste of Coffee?

It is time-consuming to manually make your coffee when you are already running late for work. Chances are you will not be able to drink your coffee. If you did, there is a big possibility that you cannot attain the coffee taste you wish to have. This is where newly invented products come in. You can find new coffee-making machines on the market to make your life easier and tastier.

  • Espresso Machine

espresso machine

It is essential to have an espresso machine to have the perfect blend of the taste of the coffee you wanted to achieve.

  • Handheld Espresso Maker

handheld espresso maker

When you wanted something easy to use, a handheld espresso maker suits you the most. Perfect pumping system, very lightweight and small, which is relevant mainly when you’re in a rush for work, and you still wanted to have the perfect taste of your coffee, for it offers high-quality, tasty coffee. And unlike the machine that is bigger and quite complicated to clean, this handheld espresso maker is easy to use and clean and, lastly, inexpensive.

  • Vacuum Coffee Brewer

If you are a person who enjoys having a fabulous type of coffee, this is perfect for you. This type of coffee maker does filter all the condiments that you put until you reach the perfect taste of the coffee. What’s more interesting about this product is that the price is very affordable for a very high quality coffee maker. You can already attain the ideal coffee feel you want for your everyday coffee.

At the end of the day – your coffee can be your statement, make it worthy

You can choose to enjoy a plain coffee every morning. Being creative with your drinks brings a different energy to go through the long hours in the office. Adding flavor and spices will not only boost your energy but also helps your productivity. Thus, you have fewer chances of getting scolded by your bosses for lousy performance.

Someone quoted that good ideas start with brainstorming, and great ideas start with coffee – performance at its best as they say.

Coffee marks an excellent start of the day, enjoy it!

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