10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping, a 2020 review

10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping, a 2019 review
Camping outdoors

Portable coffee maker for your car, camping or outdoors activities (12V coffee makers that you can plug-in to your cars power supply)

Only regular coffee addicts know what it means to be stuck someplace where the nearest coffee shop is hours away with no guarantee of getting good coffee even if you manage to get there. That is where the 12-volt coffee maker comes in with this 10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping guide.

With one in your handheld luggage or safely mounted on a rack in your vehicle, your favorite coffee or espresso is never far away.

It gets even better: you can brew hot coffee with the 12V coffee maker with just your vehicle’s power supply

It is merely a matter of plugging the power cable into the cigarette lighter receptacle to get the coffee maker going. With the very best 12-volt coffee makers, you don’t have to wait too long before smelling and savoring the rich barista-level coffee.

This guide is a selection of the 10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping you can get anywhere. Some use pods while others use ground coffee. The bottom line is, they all produce great tasting, decent coffee even in the middle of nowhere.

You might also be interested in a review of espresso coffee beans – this will help you choose which brand to take with you on your trip. Also, please remember to bring a proper storage device for your coffee beans, for a short, one day trip a vacuum-sealable bag might do, for longer trips – take a mason jar or any other hard container that can be sealed off of the air. Check this guide on how to store your coffee beans for more information.

10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping – Buying Guide

Size and weight

The whole point of a 12-volt portable coffee maker is the ability to travel easily with it. Portability is key here. Before choosing one, make sure it is not too heavy for you, and there is enough space for it either in your traveling bag or vehicle.


The prices of portable coffee makers vary depending on models and the number of features. Some of the best units can be very expensive. But they do look stylish and fancy, and something that you would be willing to show off to your camping buddies.

However, high cost does not equate quality all the time. This guide features some reasonable budget 12v portable coffee makers that deliver on the promise of excellent coffee.

Power source

The primary source of power for portable coffee makers is the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. Some of them, though, are fitted with 12v USB adapters to give you more options. If you are traveling in an RV, we have a guide for you for a more sophisticated coffee maker that is less suitable for outdoor camping but is just the right thing if you want to have an excellent coffee while traveling.

Mounting Rack

Mounting racks are essential for the relatively sizeable portable coffee makers, especially for truckers. These racks help truckers to secure the coffee maker when the vehicle is in motion.

In some models, the mounting racks come bundled with the coffee maker.

If you buy one without the mounting rack, consider purchasing it separately. With it, you’d know your coffee maker is in a fixed and secure place.

Top 10 12 Volt Coffee Makers for Camping

1. CISNO Automated Portable Espresso Machine

CISNO NCC-N01 Automated Portable Espresso Machine


CISNO Portable Espresso Machine is a pitch-black, cylindrical-shaped 12 Volts coffee maker that can give you a perfectly brewed coffee or espresso at the push of a button.

The portable coffee maker features a 15 bar pump pressure; two charging methods; a 12V car charger; one AC adaptor; and a battery pack.

The 15 bar pressure is capable of giving you coffee that is the same flavor as that of commercial espresso machines. However, if you want your coffee hot, you’d have to preheat the water before using it in the machine.

The 12V car charger juices up the battery pack using your vehicle’s power supply via the cigarette lighter. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery fully.

With a fully charged battery, you can get about 3 cups of coffee at room temperature level heat or over 8 cups of coffee if you use pre-heated hot water.


  • Can’t be used without the battery
  • Made from food-grade plastic material
  • It is very portable
  • Making coffee is easy


  • Uses only genuine Nespresso capsules
  • Many users think it is too heavy and bulky

2. Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker for camping

The black Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker is a French-made portable coffee-making machine with a slick design. It is just the thing you need if you are traveling and don’t want to miss your coffee fix for the day.

The coffee maker features a round temperature gauge embedded into the body; a power button, a switch to serve the coffee when brewing is over, and a 12 volts plug that attaches to the cigarette lighter of your car to power the unit

The appliance also comes with two distinct options that allow you to brew your coffee with either the Easy Serving Espresso pods or ground coffee.

Using the coffee and espresso maker is easy: load your coffee grounds and proceed to plug the 12-volt cord when the car is running. Then hit the power button.

After a while of almost quiet brewing, it lets out three beeps to let you know your brew is ready. Then unplug it, turn it over and press the release switch to deliver the coffee to your cup or mug.

The coffee maker costs quite a bit of money though. But, it is such an excellent 12-volt coffee maker the money you paid would become insignificant once you start using it.


  • Has a temperature gauge
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • Brews top quality coffee and espresso
  • Durable


  • High cost
  • Have a rag handy to clean up the mess

3. Power Hunt High Performance 12 Volt Personal Coffee Maker

Power Hunt High Performance 12 Volt Personal Coffee Maker – Brews in 3 Minutes

A 3-minute brewing time makes the Power Hunt Personal coffee maker one of the best 12 Volt coffee makers around. Combined that with some truly unique features and you have a coffee maker that is a must-have appliance for traveling, camping, and if you need coffee on to go while driving.

The compact and durable coffee features dual power function, an 8 oz double-walled insulated stainless steel mug, a reusable mesh filter basket, a measuring scoop and a mounting base to use with a magnetic base.

The power for heating water is via the patented power strip or port attached to a 12 Volt battery. This is capable of pulling current as high as 7 amps to quickly heat your water. However, the power port and strip are sold separately.

You would love the double walled insulated stainless steel mug. It can keep your already prepared coffee warm for over an hour.


  • Made with quality and durable materials
  • Magnetic base helps to secure coffee maker in place
  • Double-walled insulated stainless steel mug
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Comes with reusable mesh filter


  • Sold without the power strip
  • Some might find it too big

4. Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee Maker, portable coffee maker for campers

The Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee maker uses 15 bar pressure to heat water and brew authentic, Italian-rich espresso and full-flavored coffee with power supply from the cigarettes lighter of your vehicle.

The water tank can take up 60 ml of water while the machine would heat that water to a temperature of about 194°F. You should expect coffee or espresso between 158°F and 167°F. Some folks might prefer their brew hotter than that though.

The machine is fully automatic making it easy to use. All that is required is a click of the switch, and your delicious coffee would be ready after some minutes.

Though the cost is affordable, you can get cheaper personal coffee makers with comparable features in this review. However, it is still remarkable considering the automatic operation and compatibility with Nespresso capsules.


  • Has a built-in espresso cup
  • Fully automatic, one-button operation
  • Compatible with Nespresso capsules
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • The power supply must be stable for the effective operation
  • Brew not very hot

5. Aicok Portable Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aicok Portable Coffee and Espresso Maker

This is a beautifully-designed coffee maker that packs everything you need in a 12-volt coffee maker. It is a single button operation machine that is awesome for brewing your coffee while camping, traveling or even indoors.

Able to use K-cups and coffee powder, the coffee maker comes with 150 ml water tank, an impressive 15 bar pressure, one multilingual user manual, a 12V charger for the battery, and one 12V car charger.

The easy-to-operate machine can generate up to a maximum of 361 PSI of consistent pressure during the coffee process. This is more than what many regular espresso machines can generate. The result is a brew that is full-flavored and delicious.

Made from non-toxic, durable ABS plastic, the coffee maker is supported by several in-vehicle products to complement its operations especially the heating of cold water. However, you would have to buy them separately.

How much would it take to get this excellent coffee maker? Considerably less than CISNO’s automated coffee and espresso maker. This is a bargain.


  • Large water tank
  • Easy to use
  • Works with a variety of ground coffee
  • Has an internal self-cleaning function
  • Designed to protect hands from heat


  • AC adapter not very good
  • Doesn’t heat water well

6. Upstate Coffee Company Electric Portable Mini Espresso Machine

Upstate Coffee Company Electric Portable Mini Espresso Machine

The Upstate Coffee Company Electric Portable Mini Espresso Machine is a sleek, cylindrically-shaped, white portable coffee and espresso maker that would make you barista-style coffee or espresso on the go.

Suitable for camping and traveling, the compact machine features dual charging, a manual pump capable of producing 22 bar pressure, 12 Volts car charger, USB charger, and stylish design you would be proud to flaunt.

The double power feature ensures you have two options for supplying power to the 1.5 lbs coffee maker available to you. You can either use the cigarette port of your car with the DC 12V/60w car charger or the included 5v/10w USB charger. Whichever method you use would heat the water rapidly to brew your coffee.

Upstate Coffee Company added an industry-leading feature in the 21 bar pressure. With so much brewing pressure at your disposal, you get the range of flavors in your coffee similar to commercial espresso machines.

Another upside of this portable coffee maker is the price tag. In spite of the features, it is very affordable.


  • Dual power source
  • Easy to use
  • Exceptional 21 bar pressure
  • Very affordable


  • Can’t get very hot coffee or espresso
  • Low quality 12 Volts car charger

7. Max Burton Coffee To Go Portable Coffee Maker

Max Burton Coffee To Go travellers portable coffee maker brewing 12 volts

Max Burton Coffee To Go coffee maker is the ideal personal coffee maker when you need only a few cups of quick coffee. The 12 Volt coffee maker would deliver your cup of coffee in about 5 minutes. If there are friends that need coffee too, it will brew you a pot of coffee in about 18 minutes.

The compact coffee maker has all the essential features of a mobile coffee maker. It comes with a 12-Volts power cable you can plug into the cigarette lighter to heat the water when you want to brew your coffee.

The Brewstop feature allows you to take a cup of coffee from the machine if you are too impatient for a taste of the delicious coffee while it is still brewing.

Additional features include the mounting bracket to safely lock the coffee maker, reusable filter mesh, and a water gauge to check your water level.

Max Burton’s coffee maker is surprisingly affordable compared to other large units. This could be the best value for money all things being equal.


  • The filter is easy to clean and reusable
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Large mug
  • Able to a cup while brewing is in progress
  • It’s stylish and looks durable


  • Some might find it too slow for brewing hot coffee

8. Coleman Camping Coffeemaker


The Coleman camping coffee maker is a favorite for truckers, and it is easy to understand why. You can brew up to 16 oz of coffee in 15 minutes while on the move or camping.

Additional features of this portable coffee maker that makes it a big hit among travelers, campers and RV owners include the water level meter to show you how much water you have left; a vehicle mounting bracket to hold the coffee maker securely; and a 7-foot long power cord.

The machine brews coffee directly into the 16 oz stainless steel mug and also supports a ‘Stop-Drip Interrupt’ system. This works to reduce or eliminate drips and mess when the mug is removed.

And to cap it all, you don’t even have to purchase filter again as the included filter reusable and easy to clean.


  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Brewed coffee is great
  • Easy to use
  • No need for filters
  • The mug is made of stainless steel


  • A bit slow to brew
  • Power cords can become very hot

9. NowPresso NPFP 18001 Portable Compact Travel Espresso Machine

NowPresso NPFP 18001 Portable Compact Travel Espresso Machine

This NowPresso NPFP 18001 espresso machine is a small, fully-automated, lightweight, compact coffee and espresso maker with several innovative design features all geared toward producing full-flavored, creamy coffee or espresso at any given time.

The machine features a One-touch operation button, a maximum pump pressure of 15 bar, removable 28.48 WH, battery, NowPresso car charger; and a USB Type-C connected to an AC adaptor.

When fully charged, the machine can boil enough water to make up to 3 cups of coffee. And it takes about 8-10 minutes to get the water to boil.

For best results, it is recommended you brew your coffee or espresso with Nespresso Coffee capsules or SealPod reusable stainless steel capsules.

The espresso machine looks similar to the Handpresso machine above in both functionality and cost. So you should expect to pay quite a sum for it.


  • It is very durable
  • Made with food-grade plastic material
  • The brew is okay
  • Easy One-touch operation


  • It is costly

10. Upgraded Portable Espresso 433563708 Coffee Maker for Camping

Upgraded Portable Espresso 433563708 Maker for outdoors activities

The Upgraded 433563708 espresso and coffee maker is a favorite for camping and road trips because of its low maintenance, easy portability, and simple, quick cleaning. With this product, you are assured of quality coffee or espresso anywhere.

The Black and blue machine features a 90 ml capacity tank, a brewing time of about 30 seconds, 8g powder basket, and 8-12 bar pressure. There is also a USB cable to power the coffee maker during brewing and extraction.

The mini-handheld coffee maker has a combination of open design and stain resistant components that makes cleaning quick and easy.

It is quite easy to use, and after a few attempts, you would appreciate the smooth operation that delivers your brew with the touch of a button.

You can take advantage of the free shipping offer to get this product. The price tag is very competitive and doesn’t require that you cut through a huge slice of your budget to get one.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great for camping
  • Made with food-grade engineered ABS thermoplastic
  • It is tranquil during the brewing


  • It doesn’t use Nespresso pods
  • No battery pack


This concludes the 10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping. If you are a coffee lover and you either travel a lot, love camping or you are merely a fan of drinking coffee while driving. You need a 12-volt coffee maker.

As the product guide and review above shows, there are plenty of models to chose. Your personal preference could depend on your budget, your situation or even aesthetics.

With this portable appliance, you would never find yourself wondering where, when and how to get a good cup of coffee. And you don’t have to waste precious time learning how to brew coffee with these portable units, they are all simple to use and are a very convenient way to get your coffee fix.

If you enjoy wild camping without using electronics, or you want to get some inspiration on how to spend your mornings brewing coffee, check out this guide on 6 ways of how to brew coffee while camping from GearJunkie:

Happy travels, and enjoy your coffee!


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