Instant Coffee VS Ground Coffee – which is better?

Coffee is no doubt, one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee is available in nearly every shop around. It offers some benefits, such as building brain alertness and has a low-calorie level.

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Coffee often comes in two kinds, that is instant coffee and ground coffee. When choosing the type of coffee to buy, we often have to choose between whether to buy an instant coffee or ground coffee. Although both coffee kinds share similar properties, they also stand out in a few areas. Your preferences will significantly determine your choice of the best type to buy.

What is Instant Coffee?

instant cold brew coffee

Instant coffee comes from brewed coffee beans. It is also known as soluble coffee. Instant coffee is what you get as a result of the processing of coffee beans. Instant coffee makes the entire coffee drink making the process easier and faster. With instant coffee, all you do is to add the coffee into a cup, add your desired quantity of water and then stir to your satisfaction.

It is important to note that the thickness of your coffee is dependent on the quantity of instant coffee you put. Hence, to make a syrup-like coffee drink, you will need to add a large amount of instant coffee to your desired water quantity. Also, instant coffee can be prepared with sugar and other beverages like milk.

It is worth mentioning that instant coffees also go through the process of roasting like the ground beans. However, it has been processed into a soluble form that is easily dissolvable in water. More so, it is also made to be more of more concentration with the help of evaporation processes.

What is Ground Coffee?

instant pot coffee

Its referred to as a coffee bean that is often ground without having to pass through any industrial processes. Generally, most coffee enthusiasts prefer ground coffee to instant since coffee tends to lose its freshness and aroma when exposed to air for a prolonged period.

Unlike instant coffee where you add the coffee, water, and then stir, ground coffee requires more time and processes in terms of its preparation. To make the fresh ground coffee, you will need the necessary skill and machine for brewing your coffee drink.

In recent times, there have been many coffee brewing machines that have been introduced to the market to help make the brewing process easier and faster. However, it is not capable of matching that of instant coffee. It is worth mentioning that ground coffee has a higher caffeine concentration than instant coffee. It is so because its essential oils are intact and not lost due to industrial processes hence providing you are a more flavorful drink. Also, ground coffees come at a little higher price than instant coffee.

Instant Coffee VS Ground Coffee

instant coffee vs ground coffee

It is relatively difficult to select the best coffee between instant and ground coffee, and this because the best coffee for you is dependent on your preference and taste. However, certain factors should be considered to help you in determining the best for you.

Time and Convenience

When it comes to brewing time and ease of making coffee, instant coffee stands out as you can prepare a cup of coffee in just a few simple steps. Instant coffee can be prepared by putting your coffee powder in a glass, and add hot or cold water and then stir. This coffee-making process can be achieved in a few seconds and does not require any form of skill.
On the other hand, preparing ground coffee requires a lot of time and brewing machines to make the coffee. The instant coffee is more convenient to use and suitable for use by busy persons who are often in a hurry to prepare their coffee drink.

Flavor and Aroma

In terms of aroma and flavor, ground coffee boasts of having better flavor variety than instant coffee. It is because instant coffee loses most of its essential oils and chemical compositions during its industrial processing.

Generally, the addition of hot water to freshly ground coffee, the most potent flavors are drawn out. Besides, instant coffees often have similar aroma and flavor irrespective of the variety you choose.


Ground coffee is often slightly higher in price than instant coffee. Although most coffee addicts still prefer to go for the costlier ground coffee since it offers more quality.

Caffeine Concentration

Ground coffee offers more caffeine concentration than instant coffee. During the industrial processing of instant coffee, it loses some of its caffeine content.

Besides, ground coffee provides you with the option of tweaking and adjusting the caffeine content in your coffee. Unlike that of instant coffee, where the manufacturer determines the caffeine concentration of the coffee. Adding more instant coffee to water might help to increase the caffeine concentration level. It only produces a very bitter coffee drink.

Environmental Waste and Health Implications

coffee instant type 1

The preparation of instant coffee comes with less environmental waste effect. It does not produce waste by-products, unlike the ground coffee, whose preparation will leave you with coffee fibers that will need disposal after use.

More so, contrary to the belief that instant coffee causes cancer, no proof justifies that belief. Both instant coffee and ground coffee haven’t been proven to have any health implications for users. However, the use of other beverages like milk and sugar in your coffee might have a health effect.

Instant coffee shelf life

The instant coffee has a shelf life that is longer than ground coffee. Instant coffee is easy to store as it requires less storage space. It can often be stored in a clean and dry place. However, ground coffee needs to be stored in airtight containers for the coffee not to react with air and in turn, lose its potency.


Overall, both instant coffee and ground coffee offers various advantages over the other. Choosing the best amongst the two might be a difficult task. As it depends on a couple of factors like cost, flavor, durability, time, and convenience, among others.
However, it is essential to note that instant coffee is cheaper and requires less time to prepare a cup of coffee. On the other hand, ground coffee provides you with better flavor and aroma and comes with more caffeine concentration.

Coffee marks an excellent start of the day, enjoy it!

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