Turkish Coffee Recipe: How to Brew the Perfect Cup Every Time

Every culture has its own unique thing that people slowly and gradually explore. Turkish coffee is one such unique coffee preparation exclusive to the region and is prepared using Arabic coffee beans.

The specialty of Turkish coffees is that they are rich in caffeine and generally taste sweetened. Due to the high amount of caffeine, they possess numerous health benefits. However, people sensitive to caffeine should stay away from Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is not tricky at all, and anyone can easily brew it in the comfort of their home.

This thick aromatic and frothy coffee has a lot of foam on it that adds to the coffee-sipping experience. In fact, preparing Turkish coffee is quite unique in its own way as to prepare it, the coffee is not typically brewed and rather cooked to get the desired result.

Turkish coffee’s unique flavor comes from the way its coffee beans are ground into a such fine powder that you might mistake them for cocoa powder at first glance. This very finely ground coffee powder is then prepared into a concoction with water in special coffee-making pots known as ibrik or cezve.

A Complete Guide On Preparing Turkish Coffee

Brewing coffee in cezve

This coffee concoction is typically simmered on the lowest heat or preferably on hot sand and served in special Turkish coffee cups with plenty of foam on top.
The joy of enjoying Turkish coffee does not end here as it is always served with a glass of water and a sweet treat such as chocolate or Turkish delight on the side.
Sounds amazing and fascinating at the same time, right?

The biggest factor that can influence this coffee’s quality is the fine coffee powder used to prepare it. A good quality coffee powder will have a very strong smell. It is the sole guide to picking freshly ground coffee beans for preparing this beverage. You can test the freshness of the coffee granules as the freshly-powdered granules will never stick to each other and crumble beautifully.

What you’ll need To Prepare Turkish Coffee?

You need special Turkish coffee-making pots, which usually have a long handle to prepare it in the most traditional way. Heating the coffee at a simmering temperature and then gently stirring it a couple of times adds to this coffee’s flavor. Also, use only a little milk to give it a mild taste if you insist on having it with milk; otherwise, it is good to avoid adding milk to this recipe. If you decide to go for a milky version, it would be better to use a milk frother. If you still do not have it, please check out some of the options on The Daring Kitchen website.

Recipe to prepare Turkish coffee

Heat 1 cup of filtered water with 2 teaspoons of Turkish coffee and a teaspoon of sugar in Cezve – a special Turkish coffee pot. Simmer it on the lowest heat and let it foam while it heats up. Stir it continuously to help the coffee foam without letting it overflow. As soon as the coffee is about to boil, transfer the froth into the Turkish coffee cups, in which you will be serving the coffee, and put the coffee pot back on to the heat until it boils or for about 10 seconds. Now, pour the entire coffee into the serving cup and serve it with a glass of water and some Turkish treats.

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