Americano Coffee Recipe That Will Take You Back In Time

Americano coffee recipe

Americano Coffee Recipe That Will Take You Back In Time. For a trip down memory lane, take to this strong blended coffee recipe. It is a good old-fashioned cup that will remind you of cowboys and Yankees. You have to admit, those guys had a lot of what we lack in the newer era.

Americano Coffee Recipe

The word Americano simply means “American” in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It entered the English language from Italian in the 1970s. Caffè Americano Recipe” is Italian for “American coffee recipe”. 

Caffè Americano also known as Americano is a type of coffee drink prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but a different flavour from, traditionally brewed coffee. Its strength varies with the number of shots of espresso and the amount of water added. 

In Italy, caffè americano may mean either espresso with hot water or long-filtered coffee.

The hot water can be drawn directly from the same espresso machine that is used to brew the espresso, or from a separate water heater or kettle. Some espresso machines have a separate hot water spout for this purpose, while on others, the steam wand dispenses it. 

The Origins of Americano Coffee Recipe

The Caffe Americano is linked to World War II. In reality, the name may have originated even earlier; in the late 1920s. During World War II, coffee was so important (and necessary) to the troops that the average serviceman was going through more than 32 pounds of coffee each year. Usually, the Army had to grind, package, and ship tons of coffee to the European theatre – but often, there still wasn’t enough to go around. 

American soldiers stationed in Italy and searching for their coffee fix supposedly hated the local espresso so much that they found a way to make it less bitter and more palatable: they diluted the espresso with hot water to make the taste more familiar. And due to this, the locals called that drink “caffè Americano.”

The name, and the drink itself, stuck and grew more popular over time.

Is the Americano Coffee Recipe Different From Regular American Coffee?

Americano isn’t just “regular coffee” with a fancy name.

In fact, it’s not even dripping coffee at all, even though it tastes something like the morning cup of coffee. A caffè Americano is an espresso topped with hot water, and it can be made in several different ways.

There’s a good reason why this popular espresso drink has an “American name,” though. To understand it, we have to go back to about 80 years ago.

How is a Caffè Americano Made?

Espresso and hot water sound like a simple recipe. In reality, though, both the quality of the ingredients and the way they’re combined will determine whether an Americano is properly prepared.

Uses of Americano Coffee Recipe

An Americano is used when one orders a brew-coffee-sized drink from an espresso bar. This coffee is particularly used for single-origin espresso, where many find that undiluted espresso shots can prove overpowering; and with lighter coffees and roasts not generally associated with espresso, such as beans of Ethiopian or Sumatran origins. For this preparation, generally, a ratio of 1:1 espresso to water is used, to prevent excess dilution, with the espresso pulled directly into a cup with existing water to minimize disruption to the crema.

Variations of Americano Coffee Recipe

The iced americano is made by combining espresso with cold water instead of hot water. 

A lungo is made by extracting an espresso shot for longer, giving more volume, but also extracting some bitter flavors. A caffè crema is also made by extracting an espresso shot significantly longer than a lungo. A red eye is made with drip coffee instead of hot water and may be called a shot in the dark.

Caffè Americano vs. Other Coffee Drinks

A cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso as a base, steamed milk poured over the espresso, and a layer of steamed milk foam on top.

A latte doubles the steamed milk and skips (or drastically reduces) the milk foam, with flavourings like vanilla or hazelnut often added.

A macchiato is similar to a cappuccino but with more espresso and less milk.

A mocha is similar to a cappuccino, but either hot chocolate or chocolate syrup is added.

So what’s missing from all of those drinks: the hot water that’s critical to making a good Americano. That doesn’t mean one is better than another; after all, coffee is a matter of personal preference.

To vary the basic espresso/water mix, try adding other flavour ingredients to your Americano. Flavored syrups, or spices like cinnamon, can give the classic coffee drink a different twist.

To sweeten a caffè Americano, don’t mix sugar into it after it’s been prepared. Instead, add sugar to the espresso and let it dissolve before adding the hot water. That will prevent the Americano from having a grainy consistency.

Americano Coffee Recipe


Method of Preparation

  1. Turn on the espresso machine. It takes a while to heat up
  2. Measure the espresso grounds. Around 0.63 to 0.74 ounces will do for a double shot of espresso. But you can also opt to brew a single or triple espresso shot instead.
  3. When your espresso machine is hot and ready to go, pour your grounds into the portafilter. 
  4. You need to heat up some water. The exact amount depends on the strength of your espresso. Typically, the amount of water you need to make an Americano is double the amount of espresso you’ve used. In other words, that’s 2 ounces of hot water for every ounce of espresso.
  5. To make the Americano, add the espresso to the hot water. It should never be done the other way around. That way, the crema (that creamy foam) sits on top of your coffee, instead of blending in with the drink. You can always add sugar, milk, vanilla… anything you like to spice up your cup. 


An Americano is two to three rich, dark espresso shots topped off with steaming-hot water. This drink has 15 calories and has zero sugar. Espresso can be bitter, so this order is not for the faint of heart. An Americano is much healthier than a latte and can help you burn calories 11 per cent quicker.

In addition, we all know that nothing hits the spot like a good old-fashioned, strongly blended cup of coffee. The dash of milk and a little bit of sweetener help to take the edge off but this bitter beverage can get you through the toughest of situations sometimes.



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