10 Best Aeropress Coffee Makers for Exceptional Brews

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 10 Best Aeropress coffee makers. If you’re a coffee enthusiast seeking an exceptional brew at home or on the go, the Aeropress is a game-changer. This innovative coffee maker has gained a dedicated following for its ability to produce smooth, rich, and full-bodied coffee in just minutes. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a curious coffee lover, read on to discover the perfect Aeropress coffee maker for your home or office.

As the demand for quality coffee continues to soar, coffee enthusiasts and aficionados alike have been turning to the Aeropress coffee maker as a reliable and versatile tool for brewing their perfect cup of joe. With its simple yet innovative design, the Aeropress has become a popular choice for those who value convenience, flexibility, and above all, flavor.

An Aeropress coffee maker is a great way to ensure that you have some variety in your coffees every morning. It can make you a bunch of different coffee styles that will keep things fresh and moving for you all through the day.

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Why You Would Love the Aeropress Coffee Maker?

Best aeropress coffee makers in 2019

  1. In no time at all, you’d realize that this simple appliance brews full-flavored coffee. And if you love your coffee not too bitter and with considerably less acid, this is a must-have coffee press.
  2. All the AeroPress coffee makers don’t rely on electricity to brew coffee. Therefore you can use it anywhere; making it a great companion for camping and traveling.
  3. AeroPress coffee makers are compact and made from plastic material (that is safe for use and does not leave chemical residues). This makes them lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere. You can continue to enjoy great coffee whatever your location.
  4. They are cheap. They offer some of the value for money one can get from coffee makers.
  5. The AeroPress coffee maker is very easy to clean. After you finish brewing, remove the filter cap from the chamber over a trash can. The puck should come out easily enough with a slight tap, or you can use the plunger to push it out.

And since the parts are all made of plastic, it is safe for the washing machine to clean them for you.

Follow through with this Aeropress Coffee Maker article to find out which coffee maker suits you. Here are 10 Aeropress coffee makers.

10 Best AeroPress Coffee Makers

We spent some time researching and have listed out the 10 Aeropress coffee makers so that you don’t have to waste your precious time searching for them anywhere else on the internet!

1. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aerobie 1

The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso is an excellent immersion coffee maker for folks who are in a hurry to get their coffee fixed. With this coffee maker, 30 seconds tops are all the time you need to brew a decent cup of coffee at any time of the day.

The lightweight plastic, compact, and durable coffee maker comes with an AeroPress funnel, stirrer, filter holder, and scoop. It is ideal for a small kitchen, traveling, and the outdoors.

You would love the resultant brew that produces relatively less bitter coffee with low acid levels compared to other coffee makers. Low acid levels are the outcome of the low steep time needed to get a perfect brew.

The patented AeroPress paper microfilters efficiently remove grit ensuring cleanup takes up just a few seconds of your time.

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Users also get an extra 350 filters when they purchase this coffee maker.

This and the other features make the coffee maker an excellent value for money.

Thumbs up regular


  • The plastic is BPA and phthalate-free
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fast brewing time
  • Comes with 350 bonus filters
  • Easy to clean
Thumbs down regular


  • Could be small and awkward to use for first-time users
  • Brew might be light if you love very strong coffee

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2. Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker

Aeropress brewstation, review 2019

The Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker and Brillante Burr Coffee Grinder combo is a cocktail of what AeroPress has to offer in the immersion-style coffee brewing method and a simple but efficient manual coffee grinder from Brillante.

The Aeropress Coffee maker features a funnel, 350 microfilters, a filter holder, one scoop, and a stirrer. The plastic AeroPress Coffee Maker is easy to use, and the resulting brew is a full-flavored, less acidic coffee people with stomach acid challenges would adore. And as is common with AeroPress, the coffee is not bitter.

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The included manual burr grinder solves the problem of getting the right coffee beans grounds. It is easy to use because there are settings for multiple grind brewing methods. The consistent grind quality would improve the taste of your coffee or espresso.

This AeroPress Coffee maker and grinder combo are one of the investments you would ever make considering the cost of having to buy the items separately.

Thumbs up regular


The grinder is compact and portable
  • The grinder is easy to use
  • Makes smooth and less acidic coffee
  • Great as a gift item
Thumbs down regular


  • The coffee maker could become loose and start to leak
  • Can be hard to put the cap back on after being removed

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3. Aerobie Aeropress with Replacement Filters

Aerobie aeropress coffee maker with replacement filters

This easy-to-use press-style coffee and espresso maker would be able to get you one or a couple of brews in less than a minute. Fast brewing time is what Aeropress is noted for, and this is no exception.

The complete brewing kit includes the brewing chamber, one plunger, a scoop for measuring the coffee grinds, one stirrer, a funnel, a spoon, and a filter holder.

You also get two extra packs of special microfilters that can prevent grit from getting into your coffee. That makes a total of 700 filters; ensuring you won’t need to buy filters for at least two years.

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For a comparatively decent price, you can purchase this product that can brew regular American-style coffee or espresso excellent for making lattes and other espresso-based beverages.

Thumbs up regular


  • Brews coffee without bitterness
  • Easy to clean up in seconds
  • Parts are machine-washable
  • The plastic is BPA and phthalate-free
Thumbs down regular


  • You might find the coffee too light
  • The plunger doesn’t move all the time smoothly

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4. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and Additional filters

Aeropress best price

Quickly brew a variety of coffee drinks and espressos such as lattes and cappuccinos with this AeroPress coffee and espresso maker. You’d always get consistently rich-flavored delicious coffee with a low acidity without bitterness.

The Aeropress utilizes air pressure to carefully squeeze every ounce of goodness from your coffee grounds for a rich flavor.

The unique micro-filters ensure that the brew from the coffee grounds-water mixture passes through in about 20 seconds without grits or small particles.

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The plastic coffee-making kit includes the brewing chamber; a plunger; one scoop, stirrer, and funnel; an additional 350 filters; and a tote bag.

With the tote bag, you can pack and store the kit and conveniently carry it with you especially if you travel a lot.

And even if you are on a tight budget, you won’t find the cost prohibitive. It falls within the range of most of the products here.

Thumbs up regular


  • Comes with extra 350 filters
  • Includes a tote bag for easy storage and portability
  • It is durable
  • The plastic material is non-toxic
Thumbs down regular


  • Uses more coffee beans than other coffee makers
  • Needs considerable force to push the plunger down

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5. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press


The AeroPress Coffee Maker is the classic, strip-down coffee and espresso maker from Aeropress that uses the immersion and pressure method for brewing.

The dark plastic coffee maker, like most of the coffee makers by AeroPress comes with a funnel for your coffee grounds, a stirrer, a scoop, and filters that should last a whole year.

The product combines your ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure to produce a brew that is rich in flavor without the bitterness and acidity of other brewing techniques.

Though designed for up to 4 cups, users can also make a full carafe of coffee in no time at all. About 4-scoop pressing with hot water should be enough. The unique filters ensure that any coffee or espresso you brew is free of grit and other particles. You could even store the brew as a concentrate for several days without a loss of the rich flavor.

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Like most of the AeroPress coffee makers, this too would not make a significant dent in your budget.

Thumbs up regular


  • It is efficient and reliable
  • The various parts are easy to clean
  • The coffee maker is durable
  • It is not expensive
Thumbs down regular


  • Uses way too much coffee to get a decent brew
  • Some models reported seal cap failure after a while.

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6. Aero Press Coffee maker

Aeropress portable coffee maker bpa free

At just under 500 grams, this Aero Press coffee maker is the ultimate in portability. It is only the coffee maker you need if you are always on the move.

Not to be confused with the proprietary AeroPress, the Japanese-imported Aero Press is just as easy to use and employs the same immersion and pressure technique in brewing coffee. The result, like the AeroPress, is a full-flavored beverage with less acid and without the bitterness of other brewing methods.

The coffee-making set includes a chamber, cap, plunger, spoon, 350 pieces of paper filters, one paper filter holder, paddle, and manual.

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The manual is easy to understand with illustrations. It also contains several recipes you could try out for variety.

However, you might find the cost prohibitive as you’d have to pay for the shipping from Japan. But if you want a unique AeroPress coffee maker, that is a small price you have to pay.

Thumbs up regular


  • It is simple to use
  • The plastic is free of toxic substances like BPA and Phthalate
  • The filter removes most of the oils
  • Machine washable parts
Thumbs down regular


  • Relatively expensive
  • The brew is not very strong

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7. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Best aeropress coffee maker

This coffee and espresso maker is your typical French press coffee maker with the Aeropress convenient, fast brewing with several accessories thrown in to make it worth your while.

Made by Aeropress and The Handy House, the durable plastic product combines all the features we love in a typical AeroPress coffee maker. The brew has a rich flavor, with low acidity, and comparatively is less bitter.

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It comes with a unique Handy House red cap you can use to seal off the upperside to keep it free from dust and dirt when it is idle. Additionally, the red cap can be used for inverted coffee making adding another layer of variety to the product.

The included stainless steel straws and cleaners are a favorite of many users. Apart from using it for drinking coffee brew, the reusable straws could be used to drink any beverage saving you the bother of buying disposable straws.

The product comes at about the same price as your primary AeroPress coffee maker. Considering the added accessories, this is indeed a good bargain.

Thumbs up regular


  • Fast brewing/press time of just 20 seconds
  • Includes four stainless steel straws
  • Brews low-acid coffee
  • Simple, gentle air-pressure brewing
Thumbs down regular


  • The plunger might be too tight

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8. Aeropress with Accessory and Value Pack

Buy aeropress coffee maker

This is another coffee and espresso maker from AeroPress that would add value to your daily coffee-drinkers routine. The red cap to seal the carafe adds a touch of class to a product that produces coffee that is as good as the very products from AeroPress.

The coffee and espresso maker is the complete package featuring a brewing chamber, plunger, scoop, funnel, and enough filters to last for one year.

The unique filter papers can filter out grit and small particles from the final product while also removing most of the oils from the coffee grounds. This ensures your full-flavored brew contains less acid. And you get to avoid the bitterness associated with other brewing methods.

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The product is priced within the range of most products making the included red cap a value-added bonus.

Thumbs up regular


  • Comes with a special rubber cap to seal the carafe
  • Makes grit-free coffee
  • Easy to remove the filter after use
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Uniform coffee extraction
Thumbs down regular


  • A tote bag would’ve been nice

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9. The Handy House Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker


This non-proprietary Aeropress coffee and espresso maker is similar to #7 above but with an added tote bag making it easy to carry around when you are on the move.

Like the similar coffee maker above, it combines the ideal water temperature with gentle air pressure on the plunger to brew rich-flavored coffees and espressos. The brew also has the distinctive low acidity and almost non-existent bitter taste that is common with this brewing method. This is the result of the included filters that eliminate most of the oils in the coffee beans.

The coffee maker is made from non-toxic plastic that is easy to wash manually or in a washing machine.

The set comes with all the parts needed to make great coffee.

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These include the chamber, plunger, scoop, funnel, and spoon. 4 reusable stainless steel straws and the red cap are also included.

The red cap is used to seal the carafe making it easy to store in the main chamber. It also comes in handy for the inversion coffee-making method that many people love.

Due to the extra accessories, this coffee maker has a slightly higher price tag than the other coffee makers.

Thumbs up regular


  • Includes a tote bag for easy portability
  • Comes with four reusable stainless steel straws
  • The carafe can be sealed with the included red cap
  • Machine-washable parts
  • The plastic material is non-toxic and durable
Thumbs down regular


  • Can get only a cup of coffee at a time
  • Some users find it clunky requiring too much strength to use

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10. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aeropress coffee maker review

The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is a lightweight, compact coffee maker that would be awesome for camping, and traveling as well as for making quick coffee at home or the office.

Available with a zippered tote bag for easy portability, it comes with a year’s supply of filters which can also be purchased from retailers.

The pack also includes a plunger, chamber, filter cap, one filter holder, a scoop, and one stirrer.

The all-plastic coffee maker utilizes the total immersion technique to brew American-style, delicious, and full-flavored coffee that is low in acidity and not as bitter as coffee produced by other brewing methods.

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Like the other products in the AeroPress collection, the plastic material doesn’t contain toxic substances and is easy to clean.

The cost falls within the same ballpark as the other products. In essence, you don’t have to overspend to get a hold of this coffee maker.

Thumbs up regular


  • Comes with a nylon tote bag for storage and portability
  • Can brew up to 3 cups in about 60 seconds
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is durable
Thumbs down regular


  • Seals degrade and leak after some time
  • Sticky residue produced by rubber seals under heat

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Here is a useful video on how to brew a cup using the Aeropress coffee maker!

Closing Thoughts on Aeropress Coffee Makers

The AeroPress coffee makers in this guide all have similar parts that mesh together to create an almost perfect coffee any time you need a cup. You can’t go wrong with any of the products since they are all made with quality materials that can stand the test of time.

To add to the advantages these coffee makers are easy to clean and a great way to ensure that you are never craving for a different taste. It is important that you have variation in your morning routines from time to time and these machines are the perfect answer to that.

Remember to read the manual carefully, so you know how to assemble the various parts. Rest assured it is not a steep learning curve. You will be able to master everything about brewing with the AeroPress Coffee maker after a couple of tries.

FAQs about Best Aeropress Coffee Makers

What is an Aeropress coffee maker?

An Aeropress coffee maker is a compact and portable coffee brewing device that uses air pressure to extract flavor from coffee grounds. It’s known for its ability to produce a clean and flavorful cup of coffee.

What makes an Aeropress coffee maker different from other coffee brewing methods? 

Aeropress stands out for its simplicity, speed, and versatility. It allows for full immersion brewing and pressure-based extraction, resulting in a unique coffee flavor profile that many enthusiasts prefer.

Are there different types or models of Aeropress coffee makers? 

Yes, there are different models of Aeropress coffee makers available. The classic Aeropress is widely used, but variations like the Aeropress Go and the Aeropress Espresso Maker offer slightly different features and sizes.

What are the advantages of using an Aeropress for coffee brewing? 

Aeropress coffee makers are known for their portability, ease of use, and quick brewing process. They also allow for precise control over variables like water temperature, coffee grind, and brew time.

Can you make espresso with an Aeropress coffee maker?

While Aeropress can’t produce true espresso due to its pressure limitations, it can create a coffee concentrate that resembles espresso. This concentrate is the basis for various espresso-style drinks.

What kind of coffee grind is best for Aeropress brewing?

A medium to fine grind is typically recommended for Aeropress. The grind size can be adjusted based on personal preferences, but it should be coarser than the espresso grind and finer than the drip coffee grind.

How do you clean and maintain an Aeropress coffee maker?

Cleaning an Aeropress is simple; you just need to rinse the plunger and chamber. Regular maintenance involves replacing the rubber seal as needed and ensuring there’s no coffee residue buildup.

Can I travel with an Aeropress coffee maker?

Absolutely! The compact and lightweight design of Aeropress coffee makers makes them an excellent choice for travelers, campers, and those who want to enjoy quality coffee on the go.

What are some key features to consider when choosing the best Aeropress coffee maker for my needs?

Key features to consider include the model type, durability, ease of use, portability, and any additional accessories or filters that come with it.

Are there any specific Aeropress recipes or techniques for brewing the best coffee?

Yes, there are various Aeropress brewing techniques and recipes developed by coffee enthusiasts. These techniques can vary in terms of coffee-to-water ratios, brewing times, and inversion methods, so experimentation is encouraged to find the perfect brew for your taste.

Is Aeropress better than French press?

It is more convenient to clean and use; it takes less time to brew a cup than with the French press. There is no coffee residue, but the brew itself is not as strong, which also means less acid.

Is there more acid in coffee made with Aeropress?

No, actually it’s quite the contrary. Due to tight compression and delicate air filtering, there is less acid than in other types of coffee.

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